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Stop Smoking Programme

Stop smoking in just two hours? Wow! It might seem too good to be true, but that's only because you haven't yet been given all the facts, and that's what the Stop Smoking Programme is all about.

Cravings for cigarettes fall into two camps; the physical and the psychological. The physical cravings last for only days after you've had your last cigarette, so why do some people only start smoking again after months of quitting? That's the psychological cravings, and that's what we take care of in this specially crafted Stop Smoking Programme. If left unresolved, it's the psychological side of smoking that means you may pick up a cigarette again months or even years later.


Research shows that nicotine replacement on it's own is no where near as effective at stopping you smoking (and keeping you stopped) compared to when used with psychological support.

In the Stop Smoking Programme sessions Jeni will share with you the facts you really need to know about how to gain control and stay in control of smoking, now and in the years to come.  You'll then enjoy a relaxing yet very effective session of hypnosis to cement the changes you're ready to make and support you as you become a non-smoker. 

Jeni is a professionally qualified hypnotherapist and you can rest assured that during hypnosis you are always in control. (You can read more about the hypnotherapy process here.)

Sessions are now online and the process is as follows:

Book your Stop Smoking Consultation

 - this is a 30 minute conversation by telephone about the habit you're about to give up.  I'll ask you questions about your habit and life in general to be sure that this process at this time is the right one for you. I'll send you a special MP3 to help you prepare for your Stop Smoking Session(s) (below).

Book your Stop Smoking Session(s)

 - this is typically two hours of standard clinic time and I would recommend two separate hours booked about a week apart.

... and that's it! These are your sessions, tailor made to you. In your Stop Smoking Consultation we can discuss if this typical process is the one you'd like to follow and take it from there.

It's time to take control and kick the habit for good. It is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

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