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About Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful process, generating change at the pace you set, in a way that is comfortable for you.


The actual act of hypnosis is very relaxing and so is a pleasant experience. It is a completely natural state in which you are always in control. In the therapy room we normally induce this state laying down or seated in a comfortable chair.


Hypnosis is like talking to your mind in a way that means it can really hear what's being said, without chatter or judgement. It's in this way that hypnosis can make profound change come about. So often we have a mismatch between what we know intellectually and what we feel. For example, intellectually we may know that something is not the end of the world but we may still have feelings of hurt or fear. With hypnosis we can talk to that hurt or fearful place and offer reassurance whilst the creative, intellectual brain is freed up to generate the solutions your life needs, tailor made by the best expert on your life; you!


Hypnosis helps tame unwanted and involuntary patterns of thought or behaviour, and when we use it in conjunction with a talking therapy, this is what makes it hypnotherapy.

Jeni Nelson Therapies offers Solution Focused Hypnotherapy.


Solution Focused Hypnotherapy uses a powerful combination of Solution Focused Brief Therapy and hypnosis as a therapeutic tool. Based on a form of brief therapy, positive results are achieved in a much shorter period of time than traditional talking therapies (in weeks rather than years).


By focusing on the present and moving forward positively you will gain control of your thoughts, feelings and actions. In this way it is possible to achieve major changes and improvements in your life, benefiting not only you but others around you too.


It may not always feel like it, but you carry with you many skills and strengths that you can use to change your life for the better. Together we can explore these skills and strengths to help you achieve whatever goal it is you've set your mind on, helping you find your way in the world, keeping your experience positive and joyful.


If you would like support to make the change you've been wanting in your life, please feel free to get in touch to find out how hypnotherapy can help.

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