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A phobia is an irrational fear of something. The key word here is irrational. Too often well meaning friends or family will try an rationalise away a fear you may have, not understanding that you have tried (time and time again) to do just that yourself to no avail. Some others may not appreciate how difficult a situation is for you, may joke about it, just not understanding that an everyday occurrence for them is a genuine and painful source of fear for you.

During an initial consultation with Jeni Nelson Therapies, you will learn just why it is we can't rationalise away phobias and how the hypnotherapy process is a great way to help you overcome them. You'll learn that developing a phobia is not uncommon and that it could happen to anyone; its not your fault, it's nothing to be embarrassed about and certainly does not mean that you are stupid or over emotional. You are a normal, healthy person in a difficult situation.

Jeni Nelson Therapies offers a blend of traditional and solution focused hypnotherapy techniques to swiftly but gently support you in breaking down the old fear response generated by the phobia* and to build new, happier and more comfortable ways of being when confronted with situations that in the past you found so difficult.


You can book your initial consultation today, or just click the button below to get in touch.  I'd love to hear from you; let's get started.





*This is the only (and very specific) instance at Jeni Nelson Therapies that I'd ask you to bring to mind something from the past. You do not have to tell the me the details of the event for the technique to work, and it is done in a very safe, relaxed way in which you are always in control.

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