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Therapy for Expats

UK quality therapy, worldwide

As a two time expat I know what it means to live away from your native country.  There are so many opportunities and rewards to travelling and making your home abroad, but things can be challenging abroad just as they can be back home.  I provide therapy sessions online so that they are accessible wherever you are. I have British qualifications and am regulated in a way that you can understand and trust, am a native English speaker and have a cultural background that means I bring an understanding to your world view and previous life experience that may not be available locally.

If you move or travel frequently for work, Jeni Nelson Therapies is a therapy service that moves with you, available online wherever you are and so continuity of your relationship and work with your therapist is not disrupted.

Payment for your sessions is simple with a credit or debit card, paid online when you book and my online booking tool shows you available session times in your local timezone - no pesky converting required!

Are you insured?

Many healthcare insurers will cover mental health support and complementary therapies.  I am currently in dialogue with a number of providers and would be happy to liase with yours to enable you claim the cost of your sessions through your healthcare or workplace insurance.

Evening sessions are available for those based in UTC +7 and UTC +8 meaning that Jeni Nelson Therapies is well placed to serve professionals if you are based in Singapore, Beijing, Shanghai, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Manila, Jakarta, Perth and Bangkok.

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