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I'm based in Manchester UK but you don't have to be! Join me for sessions via the magic and convenience of the internet.

Whether you're based in the wilds of Devon or the Outer Hebrides, we can connect.

Perhaps you're somewhere more urban but busy and you need sessions you can fit in around other commitments?

Or perhaps you're further afield but would enjoy hypnotherapy sessions with a professionally qualified British hypnotherapist? (If you'd like to know what I sound like, please feel free to check out my podcast, A Spoon Full of Theory)

Whatever your circumstances, you're welcome to join me from a place that is convenient to you at a time that fits your schedule.  Sessions are via video link with end to end encryption, so completely confidential, and you can enjoy the same great benefits as a face to face session.

So join me! It would be lovely to meet you, wherever you are.